It therefore, promotes the health of the vital organs of the body e.g. Chronic congestive heart failure can cause long lasting liver vein stagnancy. What does HEPATIC PARENCHYMAL DISEASE SECONDARY TO DIFFUSE FATTY LIVER mean? Can it be cure Oil actually goes through intestines just alike any other food we consume, and while it is inside our stomach and inside our duodenum, it stimulates liver to produce more bile, and it Sore throat; People over age 50 and those with chronic liver disease may have a more severe case of hepatitis A called fulminant hepatitis A infection. So reducing stress may help prevent infection They may include anemia, problems with the central nervous system or liver, rupture of the spleen However, most oncologists will not give an exact timeline to a person suffering from liver cancer. The protective effect of Eclipta alba on carbon tetrachloride induced acute liver damage. Therap eutic Us e of Cy toprote ctive Agents in Ca nine a nd Feline SAMe treatment also decreases fibrosis in rats treated with carbon tetrachloride. Other risk factors include a family history of gallstones, recent rapid weight loss and, among women, pregnancy, using birth control pills, or Bile is made in the liver and stored in the gall bladder until needed. Liver disease related to alcohol consumption fits into 1 of 3 categories: Signs and Symptoms. generalized pruritus Level or stage of liver disease Acute hepatitis, biliary obstruction, or advanced chronic liver disease Acute cholangitis, cholecystitis or liver abscess Cirrhosis Advanced liver disease (decompensated) Cholestasis (eg., primary biliary cirrhosis)